Marine Pleasure Craft Surveys

A boat is probably one of the most valuable possessions you will own, and may be a capital investment second only to your home.

Pleasure Craft SurveysIt is therefore a careful and prudent measure to have the boat inspected by a competent and experienced marine surveyor, prior to purchase and at regular intervals thereafter. Indeed, it is normally a requirement of marine mortgage and insurance houses that boats are inspected by a recognised surveyor at prescribed intervals.

A Adamson & Company surveyors have considerable experience in conducting surveys on all types of yachts, powerboats and other pleasure craft, and reporting the findings in a factual and unbiased manner.

The combined experience of our survey team encompasses all types of vessels and methods of construction, from traditional wooden to GRP, steel and aluminium.

Our engineer surveyors are familiar with all types of machinery commonly found on boats of this type, and the problems frequently encountered in service.

The scope of work which we undertake on pleasure vessels is wide and varied. Some of the more common surveys carried out are as follows.

Pleasure Craft Condition Survey

Pleasure Craft Condition SurveysA Pleasure Craft Condition Survey is normally carried out prior to purchasing a boat, to verify its condition and identify any defects or potential problems, many of which may not be apparent to an untrained eye. Remember in boat transactions - Caveat Emptor, Buyer Beware! - a buyer may have no recourse against a seller if defects are discovered after the deal has been struck.

In many cases, the prior-to-purchase survey report would be submitted to the boat insurers, to substantiate the value and general condition of the boat.

We also carry out other types of craft condition surveys such as periodical examination for insurance purposes. In conducting these surveys, we utilise the same strict criteria as above for structural and safety issues, but with less emphasis on cosmetic condition, giving a more balanced and cost effective report format.

Damage Surveys

Our infrastructure allows rapid response to any marine casualty, allowing a surveyor with detailed local knowledge to be at the scene within hours if necessary, to assist with salvage and damage limitation.

Pleasure Craft Condition SurveyOn behalf of Insurers, Owners or Charterers we conduct the initial damage survey, prepare repair specifications, assess repair estimates and oversee work to ensure that repairs are carried out to professional standards at reasonable costs, thereby safeguarding your interests and protecting investments.

The combined experience of our survey team covers all aspects of marine damages including hull structures in all materials, spars and rigging, machinery and systems as well as any third party considerations. Our experience in this field is endorsed by many major insurance companies. We have an extensive database of marine contractors, who may be called upon at short notice, to assist with salvage operations or conduct emergency repairs.

Marine Consultancy

We offer a wide range of services both to the marine industry and the private individual, with our team of surveyors giving the range of experience necessary to provide professional and prompt service to effectively meet your needs.

Pleasure Craft SurveyWe undertake a wide range of consultancy services, including the following:

  • Structural hull and rig surveys
  • Newbuilding and repair supervision
  • Acceptance surveys – new builds, alterations and repairs
  • Osmosis surveys
  • Machinery and systems surveys
  • Stability assessment and verification
  • Tonnage measurement
  • On & Off hire surveys
  • Insurance surveys
  • Valuations
  • Materials testing and failure analysis
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