Salvage and Recovery Service

Salvage and Recovery ServicesA Adamson are experts in the field of salvage and recovery of marine vessels, throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK. We have particular expertise in salvage and recovery of ships and boats that suffer accidents on the West Coast of Scotland. 

Ships and boats of any size can suffer accidents due to adverse weather conditions, navigational or human error, machinery failure, or sometimes a combination of one or more of these. The West Coast of Scotland offers some of the most scenic sailing waters in the World, but strong tides and currents, and unexpected gusts of wind, can result in vessels capsizing, grounding on rocky shorelines, or in the worst case foundering or sinking. If you find yourself in any of these situations, and are in need of salvage or recovery services, contact us on 08450 787839 today.

On behalf of vessel Owners, Underwriters or other interested parties, we have considerable experience in arranging recovery of sunken or stranded vessels, which often require patch-up temporary repairs to enable refloating and towage to a port of repair.

We have an extensive database of repair contractors who are able to respond swiftly to all areas of Scotland, to promptly progress work on preservation of machinery and equipment, thus minimising the extent of damage due to contact with salt water. If required, we can also arrange and project manage permanent repairs, to ensure that these are carried out as economically as possible.

Prevention or Removal of Pollutants

In dealing with sunken or stranded vessels, we can also take care of any measures necessary to prevent pollution to the marine environment or harm to wildlife, such as removal of oils, plastics, fishing nets, and other hazardous substances.

On several occasions where it was considered impractical or unsafe to recover a vessel, we have prepared detailed plans for removal of pollutants, received approval of same from regulatory authorities such as MCA and SOSREP (Secretary of State’s Representative) and finally organised and supervised the necessary work to ensure that this was carried out in a safe and expeditious manner.

If you require further information regarding our Salvage and Recovery services, call us on 08450 787839 from the UK or +44 (0) 1324 665696 for international callers. Alternatively, you can complete the quick contact form.