Condition Surveys

Ship SurveysShips take many forms, however all are subjected to the harsh operating conditions of the marine environment, which can result in a gradual deterioration in the condition of a valuable asset.

Likewise, the seaworthiness and safety of a seagoing vessel may be compromised by unforseen events such as adverse weather, breakdown or negligence.

Independent Condition Survey

An independent condition survey, carried out periodically, not only reports to Owners, Charterers, Underwriters or Insurers the general condition of the ship, but also gives an insight into the vessel's operating and procedural matters such as crew training and safety awareness. Thus, potential problems may be identified at an early stage, allowing remedial action to be taken prior to development of a casualty.

A pre-purchase Condition Survey will provide prospective purchasers with valuable information about the vessel's structural integrity, machinery condition and maintenance history, and assist in making an estimate of the useful lifetime remaining. This type of survey would normally include a review of maintenance and Class Records.

Ship Condition SurveysA Adamson & Co have considerable experience in conducting condition surveys on all sizes and types of vessel. Surveys may be carried out either afloat or in drydock. A comprehensive report is provided, complete with recommendations and supporting documents usually including photo library.

Marine Casualty Surveys

In the event of a vessel becoming involved in a marine casualty, dispute, or suffering any form of damage, our surveyor's prompt attendance and wide experience of the shiprepair industry can save Owners or Underwriters considerable time and expense.

Our marine engineer surveyors undertake machinery surveys on behalf of Owners, Charterers or Underwriters, and furnish detailed reports on machinery condition, failure or breakdown. Further investigation and detailed failure analysis can be carried out as required.

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