Technical Superintendency

SuperintendencyFor some vessel Owners or Operators, the provision of dedicated in-house technical superintendency may be impractical or uneconomical, as a consequence of small fleet size or other factors. Significant benefits may be gained from outsourcing this important service, and the provision of superintendency on a consultancy basis offers a cost-effective and flexible solution to technical management.

A Adamson & Company currently provides ongoing superintendency to several vessel owners within the United Kingdom and Europe. The scope of services provided varies according to specific requirements, from overseeing of drydock repairs only, to co-ordination and supervision of all running and drydock repairs and reporting of associated costs.

We also undertake supervision of newbuildings, and drydock or afloat repairs on all types of ship and offshore transportation barges.

Experienced Superindendency Service

Our knowledge and experience of the shiprepair industry and regulatory requirements can prove valuable in achieving speedy and satisfactory repair of breakdowns or casualties, which may give rise to vessel delay.

We are familiar with the requirements and operation of Quality Management systems to ISO9002 and the ISM Code, and can provide assistance in compiling of manuals and establishing of Quality systems and procedures, in preparation for accreditation.

If you would like further information about our Technical Superintendency Services, call us on 08450 787839 from the UK or +44 (0) 1324 665696 for international callers. Alternatively, you can complete the quick contact form.